Technical Services

Planning, Analysis and Design are the core services of Barkley Technologies Inc. Utilities benefit from these services by providing a higher quality of power in a more reliable environment while minimizing system losses. In the rapidly changing electrical industry, power companies must take advantage of every technical efficiency available.
  • Power Flow - System optimization, Line loss, Phase balancing, Capacitor placement
  • Over-current Protection – Fault calculations, Protective device coordination
  • System Planning/Modeling – Expansions, Voltage conversions, New substations, Conductor upgrades, Tie lines, Feeder modeling, Forecasting, Impact studies
  • Generator Impact Studies – Dynamic Simulation, Stability, Connection Impact
  • Pole Line Design –  Pole type selection, framing, guying calculations, cost estimating and bill of material, right of way and access negotiation. 
  • PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE design software - Wood, concrete, steel, FRP, lattice  towers
  • T&D Structural Audits – Combination of pole test and structural assessment
  • Underground Transmission and Distribution Design.
  • Substation Design - Full range of AIS/GIS feasibility, design and construction planning services.
  • Project Management – Certified Project Management Professionals for all construction projects.